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High voltage ceramic capacitors X - Ray Equipments 221k capacitor

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High voltage ceramic capacitors X - Ray Equipments 221k capacitor

Duży Obraz :  High voltage ceramic capacitors X - Ray Equipments 221k capacitor

Szczegóły Produktu:

Place of Origin: Dongguan,Guangdong,China
Nazwa handlowa: UCHI
Orzecznictwo: ROHS,ISO9001,etc.
Model Number: 15KV221K


Minimum Order Quantity: 1000
Cena: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Bulk
Delivery Time: 7-10 workdays
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000000pcs per week
Szczegółowy opis produktu
Features: high capacitance in small size Product Name: High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor
Rated voltage: 15KV DC Insulation Resistance: more than 10000Mohm
Capacitance: 220pF Shape: Disc
Replacement of brand: AVX,NXP Country of original: China
Delivery time: 10 days Payment: T/T PAYPAL

High voltage ceramic capacitors X - Ray Equipments 221k capacitor




Class 2 ceramic capacitors

Class 2 ceramic capacitors have a dielectric with a high permittivity and therefore a better volumetric efficiency than class 1 capacitors, but lower accuracy and stability. The ceramic dielectric is characterized by a nonlinear change of capacitance over the temperature range. The capacitance value also depends on the applied voltage. They are suitable for bypass, coupling and decoupling applications or for frequency discriminating circuits where low losses and high stability of capacitance are less important. They typically exhibit microphony.


Class 2 capacitors are made of ferroelectric materials such as barium titanate (BaTiO
3) and suitable additives such as aluminium silicate, magnesium silicate and aluminium oxide. These ceramics have high to very high permittivity (200 to 14,000), which depends on the field strength. Hence the capacitance value of class 2 capacitors is nonlinear. It depends on temperature and voltage applied. Additionally class 2 capacitors age over time.


However, the high permittivity supports high capacitance values in small devices. Class 2 capacitors are significantly smaller than class 1 devices at the equal rated capacitance and voltage. They are suitable for applications that require the capacitor to maintain only a minimum value of capacitance, for example, buffering and filtering in power supplies and coupling and decoupling of electric signals.


Class 2 capacitors are labeled according to the change in capacitance over the temperature range. The most widely used classification is based on the EIA RS-198 standard and uses a three-digit code. The first character is a letter that gives the low-end operating temperature. The second gives the high-end operating temperature, and the final character gives capacitance change over that temperature range:


Class 2 ceramic capacitors

Code system regarding to EIA RS-198 for some temperature ranges and inherent change of capacitance


Letter code
low temperature
Number code
upper temperature
Letter code
change of capacitance
over the temperature range
X = −55 °C (−67 °F) 4 = +65 °C (+149 °F) P = ±10%
Y = −30 °C (−22 °F) 5 = +85 °C (+185 °F) R = ±15%
Z = +10 °C (+50 °F) 6 = +105 °C (+221 °F) S = ±22%
  7 = +125 °C (+257 °F) T = +22/−33%
  8 = +150 °C (+302 °F) U = +22/−56%
  9 = +200 °C (+392 °F) V = +22/−82%



For instance, a Z5U capacitor will operate from +10 °C to +85 °C with a capacitance change of at most +22% to −56%. An X7R capacitor will operate from −55 °C to +125 °C with a capacitance change of at most ±15%.

Some commonly used class 2 ceramic capacitor materials are listed below:

X8R (−55/+150, ΔC/C0 = ±15%),
X7R (−55/+125 °C, ΔC/C0 = ±15%),
X5R (−55/+85 °C, ΔC/C0 = ±15%),
X7S (−55/+125, ΔC/C0 = ±22%),
Y5V (−30/+85 °C, ΔC/C0 = +22/−82%),
Z5U (+10/+85 °C, ΔC/C0 = +22/−56%),



Electronic Performances


Materials Y5T
Comsuption t.g.≤0.3%
Norminal Capacitance 220pF
Insulation Resistance More than 10000Mohm
Rated Voltage 15KV DC
Withstand Test DC 1.5Times , no breakdown



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